Vlad Muntean – Letter of Motivation

During my three years at AUBG I have experienced a great combination of
academics, conferences and extracurricular activities. The element that constantly
kept me motivated and passionate about all the activities at this university was the
student body. A multitude of talented individuals gathered in one small town
amongst the mountains of Bulgaria. Students who are not afraid to connect, to speak
up and to challenge anyone who is in their way. People who believe that there is
more to a university than just studies, that extracurricular activities exist to excite
and to help one understand what he or she is truly passionate about. These
individuals are the main reason why I decided to apply for the position of President
of the Student Government. Being part of several clubs in AUBG, gave me a great
understanding of the issues that the students are currently facing in their university
life. Issues with the administration, poor choice of academics, budget allocations for
student activities and the absence of a university spirit and culture are amongst the
main issues. As a student representative to the board I will have the rare
opportunity to contribute to the solution of such problems in a more direct way, by
working with a team of elected senators that know what are the needs of the
Additionally the 2014-15 academic year will bring a multitude of changes in
the administration of the university, starting with welcoming the new president of
AUBG. The Student Government President will have the major responsibility of
providing the president with a set of expectations of the student body towards him.
Such a task provides me with both a huge challenge and opportunity to shape the
future of AUBG, by being the connecting entity between the student body, the faculty
and the president. Given the statement above I believe that my motivation in
combination with my wide experience in extracurricular activities at AUBG makes
me a perfect candidate for the position of President of the Student Government.

Vlad Muntean

Mario Grachenov – Letter of Motivation

My interest in political sciences started since I was a kid. I realized that our community represents, on a smaller scale – modern society. Every member wants to have an optimal university experience. That includes quality academics, extracurricular activities, parties and a great campus. In order to satisfy everyone’s needs, people should not only speak up the problems, but also help resolve them. That is why I have always seen myself as one of those active students, who consider theirs and others’ needs and try to find a way to improve the current situation. Our university has created the opportunity to express your opinion. When problems arise, I try to help by proposing different solutions. It can be a complicated matter, since in a society problems can arise in any sphere (residence life, administration, organizations, etc) and there are usually linked. Knowing the university well and the people that work and study here, I believe I can see the “bigger picture” so to say. I applied for Student Government my first year, I am part of the AUBG Olympics,Rotaract,Student Ambassadors Club and used to be involved in many other clubs because I want to participate actively in different organizations and help the people and communities. I try to follow what is happening with other clubs and events. I believe that when I share an opinion, I do not do it to impose my point of view to others, but to express the concerns of many students.


Yours sincerely:

Mario Grachenov

Petar Georgiev – Letter of Motivation [BoT]

Dear students,

My name is Petar Georgiev. Sophomore. Majoring in European Politics.

I consider myself an active member of the vibrant AUBG community. During my first year, I joined the Olympics Crew in organizing healthy lifestyle challenges and the annual Olympics D-day. Apart from that, I became part of the TEDxAUBG team, AUBG Griffins, and the Broadway Performance Club during my sophomore year.

On a rather more academic level, I was also a Student Senator during my freshman year. Being a member in the Student Representatives Selection Committee, I was able to oversee the work of the Student Representatives to the respective Committees and Councils. Along the way, I gained unique experience in a new for me environment and managed to adapt quickly to it.

All the things mentioned above can pledge for the professionalism and passion with which I would approach the position of a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. However, it is also the character I put into my work that assures me I have the skills necessary for the job.

Ever since the moment I entered the doors of Skapto, I realized that big things are about to happen. This happens to each and every one of us in a different way, but since Day One at AUBG we start sharing a common identity. Therefore, my mission as a Student Representative to the Board would be to bond this community even more, by making our voice stand together and be heard. Because after all, what a person can get during the years of study at AUBG does not simply equal academic accomplishments. Notwithstanding their importance, it is also the moments we share together that teach us things in life we couldn’t get anywhere else.

By and large, I believe I am the right choice for the position because of my professionalism, open mind, passion and ability to be a team player. I will put all this into my efforts of voicing and defending the interests of the student body. We have a great team of around 1,000 people and we should keep striving for the success it deserves.

Petar Georgiev


Alungoo Byambasuren – Letter of Motivation [BoT]

Dear students,

Our university has been doing a great job for the last three years. One of the proofs that led me to believe in it was a conference that I have participated in. During the end of the March 2014 our Student Government has organized a conference called “5th Annual Student Leadership Conference” between all other student governments from other American Universities around the world. We have welcomed delegates from Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Italy, Spain and Greece. The main purpose of the conference was to share our experience and difficulties that we constantly face in our universities. During the conference we found out that the administrative body of our university is actually doing a great job in terms of listening to our complaints and issues than compared to other universities. One of the delegates from Lebanon openly shared her experience with the decision making body of her university. Their Student Government was tightly connected to the administrative body that they didn’t have voice or power to improve their student’s life condition. Compared to them we are doing great if we consider the work of our Student Government and Student Representatives.

However, no matter how good the university is, there is always room for improvement. Challenging issues that we are facing today are: service of the ABF, raise of tuition, Internet problems and etc. When we look at these problems we realize that not only our university is facing with these issues. I am pretty sure that many other universities around the world have the same issues and challenges that we are facing today. But the important thing is that we should communicate with the administrative body of the university effectively in order to achieve our goals rather than blaming them for the bad quality of the service.

As a candidate (even though I like to consider myself as a volunteer for this job) running for the Student Representative’s position I understand the issues and challenges that we are facing today. When I first started considering about this job I asked myself this question: What kind of problems and issues do I have in this university? And it turned out that there were few minor issues. Then I realized that it wasn’t only about me. It was about all the students at AUBG. So I started asking the same questions from my friends and acquaintances. I must say that the result was overwhelming since I have received many complaints from them. Such as: behavior of the staff at AUBG, frozen budgets, equipment of the gym, complicated use of theatre, low internship opportunities, discontent about faculty evaluations result and many other things.

I believe that getting surveys from students (as it has been done before), announcing all the necessary information online, collaborating together with the Student Government and communicating with the Board of Trustees we will be able improve our experience at AUBG.


Alungoo Byambasuren



Salih Menkulasi – Letter of motivation [BoT]

When I just entered AUBG, I had mixed feelings about it. Just like any other institution, AUBG has its ups and downs, but only after spending a while in this school I managed to value it so much. You may get an equivalently good education in quite a lot of countries, but the spirit this place holds is absolutely unique, and it is part of each and every student of this school. I believe I also own part of this spirit. It drives me to strive for achieving my ambitious goals, and helping others do the same. Becoming a student representative of the Board of Trustees will in fact give me the chance to represent the voice and spirit of the student body.

I am a junior student majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a minor in Mathematics. Ever since I have started studying university courses, I always try to run the extra mile, by doing my best to learn as much, but at the same time, to give back just as much to the AUBG community. This has developed me socially, and has strongly improved my time management skills.

I am currently the president of the AUBG Rock Jamming Club, and work for the Residence Life office as a resident assistant. During my sophomore year, besides for the activities above, I was also a student representative of the economics department, where I, together with another student representative contributed to the department during the selection of a new faculty member. I also took active part during the accreditation process of the economics department, by getting the accreditation team to meet a lot of Economics majoring students and for team to receive honest evaluations of the department. Never in a department meeting have I not been honest to the faculty members, expressing the real concerns of Economics majoring students. I have always shown my concerns and my ideas on how to deal with them, have never hesitated to go against someone’s opinion if I found it disadvantaging students, and have been active in each meeting.

These activities and my social life have made me an active member of the AUBG community. I believe the skills and experience I have gathered from helping residents’ campus life, running a club, and being a student representative of a department, while performing well academically, would make me a good student representative of the Board of Trustees, and I hope I am given the chance to give all my best helping improve the student life.


Salih Menkulasi

International Student Leadership Conference

The primary focus of the International Student Leadership Conference is to foster coordination and cooperation among student leadership and government organizations of each respective institution regarding how to further the aims of the AAICU. This is facilitated through various meetings, social events, and discussions focusing on:

-Increasing student participation in university activities and events;
-Methods of expanding and improving outreach to students, faculty, and administrators;
-Channeling new skills and technology for promoting student integration into university life of intellectual exchange, academic freedom, and responsibility;
-Developing strategies of leadership in the to face the growing challenges of American overseas universities.

As overseas American and English-speaking universities, we each face similar challenges and offer unique perspectives on leadership that comes from the international nature of our home universities. A forum bringing together these various opinions provides the opportunity for our universities to establish a lasting dialogue with each other, as well as allowing for a productive exchange of experiences and ideas.


TONIGHT: Miss Representation Screening


Blood Brother Screening: Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner Documentary

AUBG Doc Club is very excited to invite you to the screening of Blood Brother, a documentary by Steve Hoover.
“Blood Brother’ is a story of friendship. It’s a story of a life, stripped down to its essence. Most of all, it is a story about love, enduring in the face of death.”
“Every now and then, a film comes along that wallops you sideways and makes you rethink your life. Blood Brother is one of them.” – Ivan Radford, I-Flicks


Earth Week (24-30th March) schedule!

Join us in making our campus greener than ever! Only this week!!
Brought to you by the Green campus committee, BCC, PTPI AUBG and AUBG Olympics with the support of Student Government.


TODAY: Django Unchained Premiere


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